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Gliozzo Endowment for Muslim Studies

In 2007, Professor Emeritus Charles A. Gliozzo and Mrs. Marjorie A. Gliozzo established the first endowment for the Muslim Studies Program. Their generosity provides a scholarship to undergraduates with a principal interest in studying some facet of the Muslim world. The scholarships are administered through the Muslim Studies Program.

Each year, MSP provides up to 2 scholarships of roughly $700 each to qualified undergraduates with academic programs focused primarily upon the Muslim world. The objective of these scholarships is to facilitate study and research about the Muslim world and to enhance students’ linguistic competencies. Scholarships that are awarded may be utilized during Spring, Summer, and/or Fall academic terms.

To qualify, prospective recipients must:

  • have a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA at the time of the award;


  • be MSU undergraduate students enrolled in the Muslim Studies Specialization;


  • be MSU undergraduate students enrolled in related and approved academic programs with appropriate content (e.g., a student majoring in Arabic, or a student working on the equivalent of an undergraduate thesis devoted to the study of the Muslim world).

MSP faculty may nominate students for the award. Students engaged in studying the Muslim world may also self-nominate. In the case of self-nomination, however, students must submit a letter of support from at least 1 faculty member.

Please send scholarship nominations with supporting material to: