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Russell Lucas Department: Arabic Studies, Linguistics and Languages
Position: Associate Professor
Email: relucas(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room B302, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-432-2345

Russell Lucas's website

Monir Moniruzzaman Department: Anthropology
Position: Assistant Professor
Email: monir(at)
Address: 655 Auditorium Rd Room 344, Baker Hall
Phone: 517-355-0189

Monir Moniruzzaman's website

Reza Nassiri Department: Institute of International Health, Osteopathic Medicine
Position: Assistant Dean
Email: reza.nassiri(at)
Phone: 517-353-8992

Reza Nassiri's website

Stephanie Nawyn Department: Sociology
Position: Associate Professor
Email: nawyn(at)
Address: 427 N Shaw Ln Room 206, International Center
Phone: 517-353-5040

Stephanie Nawyn's website

Sean Pue Department: Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities
Position: Assistant Professor
Email: pue(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room B360, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-432-3568

Sean Pue's website

Judy Pugh Department: Anthropology
Position: Associate Professor Emeritus
Email: pugh(at)

Judy Pugh's website

Linda Racioppi Department: James Madison College
Position: Professor
Email: racioppi(at)
Address: 842 Chestnut Rd Room 307, S. Case Hall
Phone: 517-353-5242

Linda Racioppi's website

Frank S. Ravitch Department: College of Law
Position: Professor of Law, Walter H. Stowers Chair of Law and Religion
Email: fravitch(at)
Address: 648 N Shaw Ln Room 318, Law College Building
Phone: 517-432-6973

Frank S. Ravitch's website

David Robinson Department: History
Position: University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Email: robins22(at)

David Robinson's website

Ani Sarkissian Department: Political Science
Position: Assistant Professor
Email: asarkiss(at)
Address: 368 Farm Ln Room 321, S. Kedzie Hall
Phone: 517-355-2166

Ani Sarkissian's website