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Ani Sarkissian Department: Political Science
Position: Associate Professor
Email: asarkiss(at)
Address: 368 Farm Ln Room 321, S. Kedzie Hall
Phone: 517-355-2166

Ani Sarkissian's website

Linda Sayed Department: James Madison College
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor
Email: sayedlin(at)
Address: 842 Chestnut Rd Room 369l, S. Case Hall
Phone: 517-884-1268

Linda Sayed's website

Jyotsna G. Singh Department: Department of English
Position: Professor
Email: jsingh(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room C708, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-884-4459

Jyotsna G. Singh's website

Gordon T. Stewart Department: History
Position: Professor Emeritus of World History and British Empire History
Email: stewar14(at)

Gordon T. Stewart's website

Camelia Suleiman Department: Arabic, Linguistics and Languages
Position: Assistant Professor
Email: csuleima(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room B331, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-884-4320

Camelia Suleiman's website

Chantal Tetreault Department: Anthropology
Position: Associate Professor
Email: tetreau7(at)
Address: 655 Auditorium Rd Room 316, Baker Hall
Phone: 517-355-0208

Chantal Tetreault's website

Sitara Thobani Department: Anthropology
Position: Assistant Professor
Email: thobanis(at)
Address: Snyder Hall, 362 Bogue St Room C210
Phone: 517 884 6006

Sitara Thobani's website

Khalida Zaki Department: Sociology
Position: Assistant Professor Emeritus
Email: zakik(at)

Khalida Zaki's website

Karin Zitzewitz Department: Art, Art History, Design
Position: Associate Professor
Email: zitzewit(at)
Address: 600 Auditorium Rd Room 34, Kresge Art Center
Phone: 517-884-6647

Karin Zitzewitz's website