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Affiliated Faculty

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Soma Chaudhuri Department: Department of Sociology
Position: Associate Professor
Email: chaudh30(at)
Address: 509 E Circle Dr, Room 316, Berkey Hall
Phone: 517-355-0874

Soma Chaudhuri's website

Cara N. Cilano Department: Department of English
Position: Chair
Email: cilano(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room C617, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-355-7576

Cara N. Cilano's website

Elizabeth Drexler Department: Anthropology
Position: Associate Professor
Email: drexler(at)
Address: 655 Auditorium Rd Room 326, Baker Hall
Phone: 517-353-6726

Elizabeth Drexler's website

Waseem El-Rayes Department: James Madison College
Position: Associate Professor, Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy
Email: elrayes(at)
Address: 842 Chestnut Rd Room 306, S. Case Hall
Phone: 517-884-1268

Waseem El-Rayes's website

Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai Department: Department of English, Media and Information Department
Position: Associate Professor, Political Philosophy
Email: eswaran(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room C643, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-884-4446

Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai's website

Emine Evered Department: History
Position: Associate Professor
Email: evered(at)
Address: 506 E Circle Dr Room 213, Old Horticulture
Phone: 517-884-4917

Emine Evered's website

Kyle Evered Department: Geography
Position: Associate Professor
Email: ktevered(at)
Address: 673 Auditorium Rd Room 108, Geography Building
Phone: 517-432-4746

Kyle Evered's website

Laura Fair Department: History
Position: Associate Professor
Email: fairl(at)
Address: 506 E Circle Dr Room 310, Old Horticulture
Phone: 517-884-4936

Laura Fair's website

Eric Freedman Department: Journalism
Position: Knight Center for Environmental Journalism Chair and Professor
Email: freedma5(at)
Address: 404 Wilson Rd Room 305, Comm Arts
Phone: 517-355-4729

Eric Freedman's website

Stephen Gasteyer Department: Sociology, Social Science
Position: Associate Professor
Email: gasteyer(at)
Address: 509 E Circle Dr Room 422a, Berkey Hall
Phone: 517-355-3505

Stephen Gasteyer's website