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Affiliated Faculty

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Catherine Grosso Department: College of Law
Position: Associate Professor of Law
Email: grosso(at)
Address: 648 N Shaw Ln Room 417, Law College Building
Phone: 517-432-6962

Catherine Grosso's website

M. Jamil Hanifi Department: Anthropology
Position: Adjunct Research Professor
Email: hanifi(at)
Address: 655 Auditorium Rd Room 354, Baker Hall

M. Jamil Hanifi's website

Salah Hassan Department: Department of English
Position: Associate Professor
Email: hassans3(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room C634, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-884-4438

Salah Hassan's website

Najib Hourani Department: Anthropology: Global Urban Studies
Position: Associate Professor
Email: houranin(at)
Address: 655 Auditorium Rd Room 334, Baker Hall
Phone: 517-355-1808

Najib Hourani's website

Saddam Issa Department: Arabic Studies, Linguistics and Languages
Position: Assistant Professor, Fixed-Term
Email: sissa(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room B331, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-353-4862

Saddam Issa's website

Rebecca Karam Department: Department of Sociology
Position: Dean's Research Associate
Email: karamreb(at)
Address: 429B Berkey Hall
Phone: (517) 355-6640

Rebecca Karam's website

Jon Keune Department: Religious Studies
Position: Assistant Professor
Email: keunejon(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room C735, Wells Hall
Phone:  517-353-0830

Jon Keune's website

Mohammad Khalil Department: Religious Studies
Position: Professor; Director of the Muslim Studies Program
Email: khalilmsu(at)
Address: 619 Red Cedar Rd Room 731, Wells Hall
Phone: 517-884-4463

Mohammad Khalil's website

Ahmet Halil Kirca Department: Eli Broad College of Business
Position: Associate Professor
Email: kirca(at)
Address: 632 Bogue St Room N350, Business Complex
Phone: 517-432-6392

Ahmet Halil Kirca's website

Timur Kocaoglu Department: James Madison College
Position: Visiting Professor
Email: timur(at)
Address: 427 N Shaw Ln Room 304, International Center
Phone: 517-355-3277

Timur Kocaoglu's website