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Muslim Studies Program Annual Conference

Muslim Studies Program 13th Annual Conference



The conference will not be held on site in April. We will either postpone it or hold it digitally. Please stay tuned for updates.



Michigan State University, International Center, East Lansing, MI, USA

Theme:  Islam, Environmental Science, and Conservation

Michigan State University is hosting an international conference on Islam, Environmental Science and Conservation. This conference aims to foster understanding of the nexus between Islam, environmental science, and conservation. The conference will take place on April 16-17, 2020, in East Lansing, Michigan.

Thursday, April 16, 303 International Center

12-12:30 pm Welcome and Opening Remarks

12:45-2:30 Islam and Environmental Activism-Part I: Looking to the Sources

Abdalmajid Katranji, “The Quran and the Environment: The Impact of Quranic Verse on Environmental Policy in the Muslim World”

Sarra Tlili, “Ecology of Wonder”

Sami Al-Daghistani, “Islamic Sources on Environmental Issues: A Polyvalent Perspective”

3:00-4:45pm: Islam and Environmental Activism-Part II: Assessing Problems and Proposed Solutions

Jonathan Brockopp, “Climate Change in the Muslim World: Starting a Conversation” (via Zoom)

Gretel Van Wieren, “Religion and Food for a Hot Planet”

Lauren Baker, “Rethinking What Counts as ‘Green’: Contrasting Rhetoric of Environmental Political Action in North Africa”

Qudsia N. Shah, “Between Expedient and Ethical: Muslim Approaches to the Environment”

Friday, April 17, 303 International Center

9:00am-10:45am: Global Case Studies: Afghanistan, Gambia, and Indonesia

Abdoulie Jabang, “Transforming and ‘Healing’ the Environment: Founders, Migrants, Farmers, Muslim holy men, Women rainmakers, and Colonial Meteorologists in the River Gambia, 1890-1970”

Shah Mahmoud Hanifi, “A Deep History of Water in Afghanistan”

M. Jamil Hanifi, “An Historical Ethnography of Water in Pre-Industrial Kabul”

Karyanti (co-author: Lilik Kholisotin), “The Role of Women in Forest Conservation: The Case of Ibu Siti Maimunah of the Muhammadiyah”

11:15am-1:00pm: A Special Panel on Indonesian Scholarship on Islam, Conservation, and the Environment

(Speakers to be announced later)

1:00pm-1:15pm: Closing Remarks