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Affiliated Graduate Students

A list of graduate students affiliated with the Muslim Studies Program.

Marcella Babcock

Ph.D. student, Political Science
Advisor: Ani Sarkissian
Research interests include economic inequality and human rights in the Middle East and North Africa
Email address: babco121(at)

David L. Baylis

Ph.D. candidate, Geography
Advisor: Kyle T. Evered
Dissertation research: public administration and urban water infrastructure in Ankara, Turkey
Email: baylisda(at)

Brian J. Bowe

Ph.D. student, Media and Information Studies, School of Journalism
Advisor: Geri Alumit-Zeldes
Dissertation research: media framing of Muslims in news content, with a current focus on examples from the U.S. and France
Email address: bowebria(at)

Kyle Craig

Ph.D. student, Anthropology
Advisors: Elizabeth Drexler and Mara Leichtman 
Dissertation research: Graffiti and street art culture in urban Jordan
Email address: kylebcraig8(at)

Breanne Grace

Ph.D. student, Sociology
Advisor: Stephanie Nawyn
Dissertation research: State, gender, and humanitarian aid in the experience of citizenship. Focus on resettlement of a Somali minority community in Tanzania
Email: gracebre(at)

Alison Kolodzy

Ph.D. student, History
Advisor: Leslie Page Moch
Dissertation research: interactions among migrants, state, and religious organizations in 20th-century France
Email: kolodzya(at)

Matthijs Kronemeijer

Ph.D. student, Political Science
Advisor: Ani Sarkissian
Areas of interest: religion and politics, Christian democracy, Muslim revival movements
Email address: kroneme7(at)

Jodie Marshall

Ph.D. student, History
Advisor: Laura Fair
Dissertation research: migration between Zanzibar and Oman, transnational families
Email: marsh416(at)

Mandie Maxwell

M.S. student, Education (HALE)
Advisor: Christa Porter
Academic interests: higher education; international law and student mobility; international community development; governmental relations
Email: maxwe118(at)

Jihan Abdullah Mohammed

Ph.D. student, Sociology
Advisor: Steven Gold
Areas of research: Ethnicity, identity, religion and social stratification
Email: mohamm62(at)

Sharmin Sadequee

Ph.D. student, Anthropology
Advisor: Judy Pugh
Dissertation research: Muslims, law, religion, and justice in post-9/11 U.S.
Email: sadequee(at)

Leila Tarakji

Ph.D. student, English
Advisor: Salah Hassan
Dissertation research: Self-Representations and Transnational Histories in Muslim American Literature 
Email address: tarakjil(at)

Brian Van Wyck

Ph.D. student, History
Advisor: Karrin Hanshew
Dissertation research: Turkish migrant associations in Germany, 1961-present
Email: vanwyckb(at)

Jim West

Ph.D. student, HALE (Education)
Advisor: Steven Weiland
Areas of research: The role of postsecondary institutions in serving as honest brokers to bridge religious, ethnic and multinational divides.
Email address: westjam2(at)