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Student Research Showcase

The 2021 Muslim Studies Program Student Research Showcase

Thursday, April 1, 2021, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Register in advance for this meeting:
Lindsey Hart (Undergraduate, James Madison College), “A Tale of Two Nationalisms: The Politicization and the Use of Women’s Bodies in the Nation-Building Process”
Marwa Bakabas (Graduate, Anthropology), “Bahr al Mawt (Sea of Death): How the Sea Has Become a Politicized Space of Death”
Madiha Ghous (Graduate, English), “Heisting the Anarchy: Art and the Dialectics of Resistance in Spectacle Society”
Asif Iqbal (Graduate, English), “Transcultural Dilemma in the Good Muslim: An Analysis of Bangladesh through the Competing Visions of Maya and Sohail”
Ezgi Karaoglu (Graduate, Sociology), “Thinking Conventional and Non-Conventional Citizenship Together under Precarity of Globalization: The Case of Turkey”
Jihan Mohammed (Graduate, Sociology), “Sectarian Views in Post-2003 Iraq: An Empirical Study on Arab Sunnis and Arab Shiites”

The Muslim Studies Program Undergrad and Grad Student Paper Awards ($500 each) will be announced at the conclusion of the event.